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At Rootbound Arborists, tree care is our passion and our profession. A healthy treescape is vitally important to a strong community, and even individual trees can provide myriad benefits to their owners. Our team at Rootbound Arborists has both formal and practical training in arboriculture, forestry, ecology, and sustainability, and we continuously search out new training to improve our safety, efficiency, and quality standards. We take pride in our reputation for being attentive & meticulous, from proposal to project completion. If you live in the Gallatin Valley or the surrounding area, contact us for a free bid proposal.

About Ben

For some reason, I’ve always been attracted to tree work. I remember my first whiffs of two stroke coming from the chainsaw in my grandpa’s hands while we cut firewood on a frosty Fall day, and I still get excited when I prep my arsenal of saws for an upcoming project. Trees themselves have always intrigued me, and even at a young age I learned to appreciate the nuanced differences of the trees and forests in various environments. This interest later evolved into studying forest science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, in my home state.

After an educational season of wildland firefighting in the Idaho Panhandle, which provided me ample time behind a saw, the decision to immerse myself in arboriculture was obvious. Since the beginning of my journey, I’ve strived to continually seek out quality training and education to become a better arborist and business owner. I want our client base to feel comfortable approaching me with questions and being interactive in the process, while trusting us to provide reliable tree care guidance, based on sound research and techniques. In addition to being an ISA certified arborist, I am a tree advocate at the core, and hope that myself and Rootbound Arborists will continue to be looked upon as a positive contributor to Gallatin Valley’s tree landscape.

About Molly

I was raised on a small farm in the “Driftless Area” of Wisconsin, and spent a chunk of time in Madison before moving West to pursue a lifestyle more rooted in the outdoors and the vast tracts of public land surrounding Bozeman. After thorough deliberation, the decision was made to complete a degree in Sustainable Food & Bioenergy Systems at MSU, to better prepare myself for a career in the “green” industry. After gaining valuable experience in subjects ranging from plant propagation & pathology, to integrated pest management, environmental ecology, conservation, and sustainable agriculture, the decision to help launch Rootbound Arborists came naturally. In addition to assisting with day to day operations, as well as managerial duties, I’m always searching for ways that our company can give back to the community and our surrounding environment. Through budding programs like Rootbound’s “Sustainable Future Program”, I’d like to plant more trees than we ever remove, and improve more related habitat, to leave this special place we call home, better than when we arrived. In the words of an intelligent land manager, “The greatest challenge of mankind is to live on a piece of land without spoiling it.” -Aldo Leopold

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